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I’m definitely going to buy this toy for my girl.
She squirts phenomenally a huge amount of liquid.
Not only that but she also starts to leak fluid from her ass. This is entirely hot to me and I blew a awesome load. One of the biggest since I’ve been jacking on a regular!

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Watering the grass

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Ladies kik me for Roleplay @DrJank

This is pretty hot

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BBW Squirter VS Toy on Chair

A lot of squirt juices lol

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Home all alone with Max working late. What’s a girl to do?! Fuck her pussy all by her lonesome… Sad.

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The Best Of -
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I bought this dildo yesterday. The minute I got it home I had to play with it. Thankfully I was alone in the house so no one could hear me moaning. I managed to take most of it in my pussy on the first try. It had me screaming with delight. It was so good that after an hour I had to use it again. My boyfriend had never seen me use a dildo before so when he came home and saw me riding it in the kitchen he was a little surprised!!! Last night I let him shove his cock up my ass while I rode this big boy.

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